5th Annual Cascadia SkillShare and Barter Faire
September 16-18, 2016
Lookout Arts Quarry, WA

Forthcoming: greater detail on times & dates.

See previous years' skillshares

The Cascadia SkillShare and Barter Faire is a fun festival about teaching and learning all kinds of useful, handy, and practical skills. Years ago, lots of people knew how to repair and sharpen tools, make a braided rug, raise chickens, make soap, build a fence, make simple toys, and much more. The goal of the SkillShare Faire is to help revive those skills, showcase some new ones, and provide a place where all of us can come learn from people more experienced in these crafts and trades.

Transition WhatcomThe Whatcom Skillshare Faire is a Transition Whatcom event, with support from The Chuckanut Center and many community members, organizations, and businesses.

If you aren’t one of the hundreds of people that have attended a SkillShare Faire, you may have heard- they are informative, entertaining, and lots of fun! Hourly skill sharing demonstrations throughout the day with all kinds of old-timey and new-fangled resilience building skills. Great local bands and performers. The response of fair-goers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Peak Moment TV Visits the 2013 Skillshare:
"A gracious sun shining on green fields greeted comers to the Whatcom Skill Share Faire. Colorful pendant flags directed people to open-sided tents where dozens of local people demonstrated and taught their craft. What an extravaganza of sharing!" - See more at: Peak Moment TV

Basket-weaving - photo by Adam Nash
  • This year's SkillShare and Barter Faire takes place at the Lookout Arts Quarry, 12 miles south of Bellingham, WA.
  • Swap and Barter: We encourage you to bring things to trade and barter such as seeds, recipes, clothes, household items, pottery, produce, preserves, and all kinds of other interesting and useful items and services. One person’s throw-away is another person’s treasure!

So whether you want tickets for this great faire, have a skill to share, want to sign up to be a vendor, or want to step up as a sponsor or volunteer, you'll find everything you need here on the website. See you at the Faire!

Some of the skills offered in past years:

Fiber Arts:
Raising Sheep and Llamas • Shearing • Preparing Wool-Combing • Spinning • Weaving and Knitting • Rags to Rugs • Make a Felted Soap Ball
Home Skills:
Darn that Sock! The Lost Art of Sock Darning • Drawing • Cooking • Cake Decorating • Knitting • Crochet • Cross Stitch • Sewing • Make-up
Animal Husbandry
Goats- Care and Milking • Beekeeping • Horse “Whispering” • Raising Livestock • Poultry Butchering
Fermentation and Brewing:
Wild Fermentation and Honey Elixers • From Start to Finish: Home Brewing with the B’ham Beer League! • Sourdough • Sauerkraut • Kimchee • Mead • Home Wine-Making on a Shoestring • Making Goat Cheese •
Survival Skills:
Fire by Friction • Processing and Tanning Hides for Leather • Traditional Bows and Arrows • ID and Cook Wild Edibles • Using Wild Fibers for Rope, Baskets and Mats • The Best Field Guides for Homesteading • Wilderness First Aid • Edible Medicinal Plant Walk
And more!
Water Witching • Archery • Bow-making • Yoga for Pain, Posture and Performance • Get Funded! Run a Successful Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Campaign • Look, Ma, No Cord- Revive Your Old Sewing Machine, Unplugged! • Homemade Firestarters that Work • Preventive Auto Maintenance • Using Tools and Tool Safety • Scything and Other Sharp Ideas • Build and Use a Sun Dial • Keep Your Bike in Shape • Water Conservation • Make a Rocket Stove • Building and Using a Solar Oven • Safe Basic Home Electrical Repair • Gardening • Worm Bins • Compost Tea • Winter Gardening • Growing Mushrooms • “QI” Activation for Energy • Kaleidoscope Community Yoga • Be Prepared! • Dignity Through the End of Life • Make and Distill Herbal Remedies • Making Jewelry • The Art of Telling a Good Story • You and Ruby: Tap Dancing! • Irish Step-Dancing • Learn traditional Irish music by ear • How to play the Irish Bodhran drum and many, many more!

Check out the video of the first SkillShare Faire in 2012!

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